Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shirt Design: BOSTON LIFE

This is one of my favorite designs because the coloring and texture looks different than my other pieces. Aug. 09'

Shirt Design: TREE

A quick shirt design idea I made. I haven't decided what colors to use, but this is my process. Aug. 09'

Shirt Design: MIDNIGHT

A different version of "Rainy Monday". I enjoy playing around with color. Aug. 09'

Shirt Design: FLOWERS

A design that is in the DESIGNBYHUMANS voting contest. It was originally a block print, but then I used Photoshop and messed around with the image. Aug. 09'

Shirt Design: RAINY MONDAY

Another shirt design thats in the TEETONIC design competition. A very simple image of a cat looking out a window. July 09'

Shirt Design: FLY WITH ME

In the TEETONIC shirt design contest, it's one of my fave pieces. In my "Yellow Man" painting you might see that these two characters are alike. Aug. 09'

Shirt Design: ZOMBIE

This is in the TEETONIC design competition. July 09'

Friday, August 21, 2009

Crazy Child

A ton of my friends like this piece. I used acrylic paint, snow tex, and broken cd's. Mixed Media: aug. 09'

Silly Octopus

I like abstract paintings, the background is my fave part. Acrylic. Aug. 09'

Yellow Man

The picture is a little blurry, but it's an acrylic medium sized painting of one of my characters I made up. july 09'


Small oval shaped ice cream and cupcake acrylic painting. Aug. 09'


My Final in my drawing class, took me about 17 hours. Pastel. Spring 09'

My Kinda Guys

Pastel of an ugly doll and jack skelington made for drawing class. Fall 08'


Acrylic paint and black colored pencil. It's a bottle wrapped in cloth with a wire wrapped around it. Fall 08' drawing class

Sad Flowers

Multi media piece I did freshman year of college in my drawing class. 08'

Photography: Rain on Plant

Photography: 08'
Back in high school this picture won picture of the week in my photography class

Photography: Stairs


Photography: Summer 07'

Photography: Plant

I also like photography. I thought about majoring in it, but I desicded Graphic Design instead


I like to doodle lil bubble letters


First practice of cross hatching; human ribs I drew from my summer class


One of my strongest pieces I think. A children's page assignment from my Black and White Illustration summer class. Pen and Ink.

june 09'

Kitty Go Boom

Pen and Ink drawing of a cat being lifted up from balloons! june 09'
from my Black and White Illustration summer class

The Pumpkin King

A medium size canvas painting I did using Acrylics and a ton of water. 6/6/09

Watercolor Cupcake

This is something I did in about 10 minutes. I enjoy using different mediums in my work such as watercolor and ink.